APRIL 2020

Professor Paul Clark

Paul F. Clark is Professor and Director, School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State University in the United States. His research has focused on employment relations in the U.S. healthcare, steel, and coal industries; union structure, government and administration; union member commitment and participation; new union member orientation and socialization; and the globalization of labor markets.

The Trump Administration’s Impact on Work and Employment Policy in the United States

Controversies involving Donald Trump’s presidency have dominated headlines around the world to a greater degree than any recent U.S. President. The headlines, however, have obscured the many significant changes the Trump Administration has made behind the scenes using executive orders, regulatory powers, and legislation.  One of the areas where he has had significant impact is in area of work and employment policy.  In almost every case, the actions President Trump has taken in this area have benefitted employers and disadvantaged workers.  This includes weakening workplace health and safety, discrimination, and fair pay protections, as well as further shifting the balance of power between unions and management away from employees and to employers.  This presentation will focus on the changing American landscape in these areas.

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JUNE 2019

AGM & Networking Event

The Steering Committee is working towards re-launching the IRST and holding a networking event on 18 June 2019. The launch will include the Annual General Meeting to endorse the revised Constitution and election of the Executive Committee.

Past Events


The Bigger Picture

Industrial Relations Society Tasmania (IRST) which is affiliated with ALERA, held our first Annual Conference “Industrial Relations-The Bigger Picture”. The speakers were national leaders in industrial relations from both public sector, union and legal backgrounds.